Interested in working in the music industry with a team of talented people? This is the perfect opportunity for you if you're looking to gain experience in the industry and learn how to develop an artist from beginning to end. 

Digital Marketing Internship

We are looking for an individual to support the creative content creation & our Digital Marketing Director in day-to-day content creation and social media/online support for our artists and label. Biggest demand will be creating content for artist social media pages, websites, artwork, etc.

* MUST love music & have an interest in going to shows on a weekly basis

* Well versed in all things social media 

* Experience using Photoshop and other Adobe platforms (2+ years experience preferred)

* Photography & graphic design experience is a plus


A&R Internship

Attending shows every other night is a normal week for you? Do you love discovering new artists and chatting people up at shows? Then A&R sounds like something you'd be good at. We are looking for an individual to assist in weekly digs and finds of up & coming LA based artists. Working along side our Label Head to discover, sign, and develop artists every quarter. 

* Must be willing to attend numerous shows each week 

* Great interpersonal communication skills 

* Loves all things music

* Wants to learn how to develop an artist from the beginning to the end


Management Internship

Work with an artist on creative development. This role will allow you to really own the growth and development of a Broken artist, while also being a major part of their story. We're looking for someone who has the ability to be a leader, be loud about their ideas, and develop a strong relationship with the artist in order to gain their trust. You will work directly with the artist management to be an integral member of the team.

* Interest in artist management

* Willing to attend artist shows throughout the city or even state

* Have a strong passion for the developmental process of breaking an artist

* Have a positive and friendly attitude towards all things related to the artist


If one of the above positions sounds like you, apply below!

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